Dog toys: Choosing the right material and monitor the game

The stuffed toys, it is also essential , not only determines the quality of it, but by prolonging the life it provides. It's almost imperative that soft toys, stuffed animals or latex type, and even soft rubber, are filled with fiber . Fiber is obliged to return to the original form to the toy, keeping alive a lot longer and in good condition. The fiber is ideal for filling the polyester , as it is very light, quickly recovered volume of the object and is neutral in case of ingestion.

Terrier Dog and puzzle

It is very important to the proviso that the owner should be the one to direct the play of their pet. As with children, it is important not to let the animal play alone , especially with some types. First, because we are losing the opportunity to establish this relationship with the animal, and second because if the toy is 100% natural materials, ingestion can cause major health problems , as indicated.

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