Can you afford a dog?

dogStart the year 2011, why not start with a new partner?. One of the 'gifts' that are often made ​​at this time is a dog, a puppy that we acquired in a store sector, entertaining, etc. .. Understand the source is not major problem, and we intend to go further with this article. Many times our purchases are made ​​impulsively, and not think about the expense involved in maintaining later. In this case it is a thornier issue, we speak of a living being who suffers and feels like the most.

Not all breeds are adapted to our way of life, and not in the time of acquisition, but in the future. When you give away a dog should think about facing the future ;? what will happen 10 years from now? Its cost is more than simply provide food, unfortunately we did not analyze whether we can afford a dog, and this ends up happening to us bill, but who suffer most from this fact is the animal. Any dog will cost money, another thing is that we do not want to accept it and let our dog "abandoned" in a corner of our house or garden. The first step in welcoming our new dog is taken to a vet that makes it a first review and determine whether you should be worming or vaccination , depending on the need for vaccinations, preventive medications and treatments: the first visit will probably cost about 50 euros, then the chip will require the vaccine to be held annually antirabia.
Owning a dog can cost us between 700 and 3000 Euros per year, this varies depending on the size, age, region in which we live, your lifestyle and individual needs of each race.


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