Dog Training

Any dog which man will live, whether as a pet or working dog, must receive a minimum order that must be respected . This is what is called training, ie the education of the dog, in order to facilitate coexistence and to fulfill the purpose for which you purchased the dog. For this reason it is that education begin as soon as possible and if you pause too long the animal adopt bad habits , which then will be difficult to remove. Also during the period of training should not overlook any failure or disobedience, to not only follow orders when you want, but at any time and situation.

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When training a dog, you should know that they are much more effective short orders s , preferably of one syllable, and not be misleading to say that there are several different orders not to speak out similarly. Also, it is desirable to include pronouns in the instructions (get up, lie down, etc.)..
However, it should consider sending a pet to a center specializing in training for a certain period of time, when the dog is still young, so that there will teach basic rules of conduct which will remain in your report any life. These education sessions are often carried out in the presence of the owner so that he also learn to give orders.

The dog has enough ability and intelligence to assimilate numerous orders and even to perform many tricks. However, there are a number of primary or main instructions are essential for the elementary education of the animal . The first is that the dog always go to the call from the owner. This should always use the same word and the first times we must obey that tends to reward him for repeating the behavior.

Another essential rule, especially for health and hygienic importance is that the animal used to carry out their business on the street , for which he should be punished if he does so inside the house. This punishment should be immediate, because if too much time has passed, the dog will not understand why. This punishment should never be to rub the snout of the animal in the feces because this measure is often counterproductive. Also, each time he eliminates in the street, the dog should be rewarded or praised .

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Third, include other rules of conduct to facilitate certain situations, such as walking. To this we must accustom the dog to the collar and leash and must be removed immediately after the end of the ride for you to attach to it. As time passes, the animal must become accustomed to walk beside his master and not pulling on the leash.


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