The 'critical period' of the puppy

white puppyThe phenomenon known as 'critical period' or imprinting makes an appearance during the fourth week of life of the puppy and ends when it meets the tenth. This is a crucial step for the dog reach adult emotional and mental balance that is expected. The imprinting is the first lasting impression that will remain in the animal and to condition the rest of his life, affecting socialization with other dogs, humans and their integration into the family.
It is essential that the master is very well documented about not to be unpleasantly surprised by an imprinting problems puedecausar poor. For example, the insecurity that becomes sudden attack of fear, the fights with other dogs, fear of humans or the inability to perform a task such as biting the sleeve in training.
Dalmatian puppyTherefore, it is very convenient to ask the vet all the information we have, and ask any questions that may arise. In this way, you can approach this stage with full guarantees of success, which, no doubt, be appreciated in the future coexistence with the animal.

Major care

puppy lyingFor the puppy to become a healthy adult with a stable character, you need to care at all levels ie physical, emotional and psychological . Some of the rules we have to impose a good diet plan and the internal and external deworming. Very important is brushing, hair care as well, to be held daily on the mantle using a damp cloth to remove the protection to avoid fat. In this sense, if you want a hair healthy, shiny and strong , it is best not bathe until six months, and if you can extend through the year, the better. In addition, the plan must follow the advice of the veterinary vaccine.

The importance of the emotional field

In the emotional realm, the puppy needs to join the 'herd' where you live, gradually and without trauma. The games are essential to enhance their innate abilities (such as throwing a ball or play hide and seek). These activities will require you to sniff out where your love, which when put on a track tracing the example developed with precision and joy. puppy eatingOn a psychological level, it is essential to take place a proper imprinting. We must be informed of how to educate and teach the basic rules of coexistence. Never scare or punish the little pet, which I gladly accept a resounding 'No' when he does something inappropriate.
Similarly, positively will appreciate a fair deal , but will not accept tyranny or reprimands may not be able to understand. For example, they often give the puppy to play with old shoes, but when making a new one to continue enjoying it, is punished severely. A small dog will never understand why if a shoe is welcomed, what should the displeasure of the master if he takes the other. It is important therefore that the puppy has his own toys .


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