Dog Bark

The bark is the most common vocalization produced by the dog, although it has a rich repertoire of sound signals. Usually bark when nervous or excited to be unknown is happening in your environment, for example, when a stranger arrives at home where he lives. Therefore, the bark is for the owner a sign of a possible danger of the dog can alert. However, it also constitutes a form of communication between them and the main weapon they have to communicate with their masters .

Although the main cause of barking is usually the presence of strangers, this is not the only one. Thus, the dog also barks when playing or to attract the attention of his master . In addition, the dog may perform other sound signals, such as howling , which is issued to express some kind of physical pain or lack of , for example, when alone.

dog dog

For its part, the groan , has the primary role of the owner's attention , especially when the dog is a puppy. Finally, we should mention the grunt , who often is aggressive character , so the next step is usually the bite.


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