Basic care and diseases of the dog

If someone decides to have a pet dog has to know that this is a living being and, as such, in addition to a number of emotional needs , needs a range of care that will make your life to develop normally and without a hitch unnecessary.

As a general rule, it is important to ensure that there is regularity in everything that has to do with the dog food , exercise, sleep, daily habits, etc.. The animal is tolerant to changes in routine, but if they are excessive, or there is never routine, live in a state of permanent tension, which accuses their health.

Veterinary checks

sleeping puppyIf you purchased the puppy from a breeder officially recognized, or a pet store of some standing, chances are you have already received its first batch of vaccines and be healthy. In the event that has been collected from the street, offered by a friend, or purchased from an individual, the first thing to do is go to the vet .
In the first months of life you have to administer a vaccine series whose nature and frequency determined by the veterinarian, and as first birthday should be immunized against rabies , and thereafter, annual revaccination. Under no circumstances should we forget to do so because, besides being required by law, rabies is a fatal disease and capable of infecting people .

In addition to vaccination, it is more advantage of the annual visit to the dog a general review in order to prevent any incident.

Internal Parasites

White DogCommonly known as worms . Deworm the dog is a necessary pre-vaccination and for which the veterinarian provide adequate information as to when to be done and with what medication.
In any case, if the owner sees signs of worms (especially in the stool), you have to take extra hygiene measures , such as picking up dog stool provided to prevent contagion to other animals, wash your hands after prolonged contact with the animal, to prevent their saliva, which can carry germs and keep the dog away from other animals.

External parasites

dog lyingAs a general rule, and at preventive care can be summarized as follows: use of antiparasitic collars , keeping the environment clean of dog hair brush frequently and then use a spray insecticide. It is also very important observation of the animal , watching if scratched too, if you drop the hair, if you have skin lesions or ticks.
The most common parasites are fleas keep appearing even when the dog in the best conditions, the ticks , which are very dangerous because the dog can transmit babesiosis and grow to the size of a pea, and lice , which suck animal blood and nest on your hair can cause serious skin lesions and severe anemia puppies and exhaustion of the body, sometimes with fatal consequences.

Proper diet

carlinoThis aspect depends on age, sex, race and lifestyle of the animal. Most dog food brands have a wide range of foods (for puppies to older dogs, for pregnant females, etc) and also often provide information about the amount of food to be contained in the daily ration based on weight and breed of the dog.
Keep in mind that in certain situations, as in summer, the dog eats less food due to the heat, and should not be forced to finish their ration. We must also avoid giving food after exercise , since there can be problems with digestion and sudden changes in diet, since the animal has to adapt gradually to a new type of food.

Regular Exercise

For the pet is healthy and fit, you must exercise regularly. However, avoid the hours of the day gets warmer, as the dog tends to pass them sleeping. Also, like people, dogs suffer injuries, strains, sprains, so you have to control their physical activity and ensure that not overdo exercise or perform hazardous activities .

Acting to disease

dog drinkingGiven the large number of diseases that can have the dog, it is very difficult to make a list, so that, for any irregular symptoms should go to the vet , who will act accordingly with appropriate action.
Some of the signs that should raise warning of the owner are: hair loss or skin lesions, changes in breathing, persistent cough, changes in behavior or character, rapid pulse, vomiting and diarrhea continued, extreme thinness , tremors, dirt on the tongue, continuing appetite, paralysis or any sign of pain.

Common Accidents

For any accident is to look at the animal's state of consciousness . If this is conscious, it is important to beware of possible reactions produced by the shock and anxiety caused by bites or movements that may aggravate the condition of the dog.
dog in snowIn case of violation, or falls from a height, must be borne in mind that the nature of the injuries may be internal or external, so you have to immobilize the animal and call the vet. Before dislocations or fractures in the legs have to keep the dog walk. If it is not known to immobilize a fracture or dislocation, it is better to lie to stay until they get the help they need.

Wounds should treat them according to their scope. If they are superficial can be cured by the same owner with hydrogen peroxide, mercurochrome and bandages , but if you need stitches, you have to move the dog to emergency care to avoid scratching and biting at the affected area. In the event that injuries have occurred during a fight with another animal, you should consult with your veterinarian to the danger of having contracted any disease .

When the animal has general prostration, rapid pulse, but weak, gaze with an expression of anguish, clumsy and uncoordinated movements and elevated temperature, may have suffered a stroke . In these cases, and although simple is the best preventive measure is to cool the dog with water and go immediately to the vet.

Given the blows to the face , the main thing is to avoid touching the dog in the fractured area and see a specialist. If you have broken a tooth, a filling will have to make so as not to deteriorate. Furthermore, if the break comes the nerve, you need a root canal, or otherwise, every time something bites hurt.


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