Dog Feeding

The nutritional needs of dogs depends on the breed and age. Thus, races designed to burn more energy need a special diet, while aiming to gain weight should not consume excessive calories. In order to manage the best food, you should consult your veterinarian, who will provide the diet most suitable for the size and age of the animal.


dog biscuits dog food

However, there is a rule to control both the quantity and quality of the food . Another point to note is that the feeding of the 'leftovers' from the owners what they eat is not adequate, nor is eating meat and bone exclusively, since the dog needs a diet more varied.

In recent times is frequent recourse to the feed to feed the pet. They are classified according to the different races and age, and contain all the elements so that the animal is well fed. It is best to be the veterinarian showing the feed that we give the animal and, if necessary, supplement the diet with some other food .

On the other hand, should know that they should feed the dog three times a day , if a puppy , and twice daily to dogs adults . It is also advisable to perform this task always at the same times, so that the animal acquired the habit. Also, never be given no food outside these hours so they do not acquire the habit of being constantly calling.


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