Partially Street Dog

The behavior of a stray dog in general part tends to be more like the dog that lives in a house that the stray dog itself. The dog does not need street partially work for a living, that is, their behavior usually is not related to the livelihood and this is what fundamentally different dog who lives permanently in the street.

Some of these dogs have owners and live in houses but they are released by their owners during the day to roam freely. At other times do not necessarily have a formal owner but are fed by a particular person and dogs are putting down roots in the driveway. Unlike the actual stray dog, stray dogs often partially establish a territory and can defend it from intruders.

mutt mutt

The biggest problem is that being in the street the dog may be considered intrusive to anyone who travels near the spot where he is settled and this may involve the expression of a territorial type aggressive behavior, which constitutes a danger to the integrity physics of passersby.


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