Mutt itself

One important difference is that stray dogs have a " residential area "instead of a territory. Area is called the area home to a dog usually runs free. For example, the ancestor of the dog, wolf, usually runs several miles a day. Much of this tour is done in the area of residence, so this area can have an area of several square kilometers .

The territory is usually a small area within the residence to which the wolf actively defends the intrusion of strangers. A dog living in a house can take it or part of it as a territory and defend it from strangers . As a result, a dog whose owner leave an open road access can attack a person who passes by. The stray dog itself usually does not have a territory which is not usually show territorial aggression with people who are on the street.

Another important difference with respect to the family dog is the mutt itself has to work for a living . Spends much of his busy day, trying to get food, to seek protection against a bleak climate and should be protected from the dangers of living on the street. This reality does not seek to survive and have a social status high relative to the local people and therefore the possibilities of expressing aggression are much less hierarchical.

mutt mutt
The only situation in which the stray dog itself, especially if you are in a pack, may reveal important is that aggressiveness associated with predatory aggression , a fact that often occurs in rural areas.


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