Dog Higiene

As the pet dog par excellence, one of the basics to improve your life with man is the hygiene . It is therefore advisable to accustom the animal to these tasks since it is small and well keep you from getting certain diseases and infections that also can pose a risk to their owners.

Thus, the bathroom is the first element becomes essential to keep the dog clean and away from parasites. Experts say should be done every three or four weeks , although this period depends on the animal's fur. This process should be done with the right products to be purchased at veterinary centers. It should also be noted that after the bath is essential to dry , as moisture in the hair can lead to certain skin conditions.

Another major task is the hygiene of the ears , a major source of infection. This should be done regularly, twice a week or so, and using an otic swab or wipes impregnated with disinfectant. It is also necessary to remove the flag that obstruct the hair in order to avoid ear infections, and ensure that the ears are always dry and airy.

cutting nails bathing the dog

As for cleaning the eyes , should know that you should use a cotton swab moistened with saline water or chamomile. You can also use special eye care products and disinfectant wipes marketed in veterinary centers. Another activity required eye related embodiment is the daily cleaning of the crusting that were formed during the night or who appear throughout the day.

As the mouth is concerned, should regularly clean teeth to prevent tartar buildup on their teeth. These cleanups can be performed by a veterinarian if the animal possesses oral infections.

Finally, it is especially useful to keep the nails of the dog in a suitable size in order to avoid damage to itself when scratching and clawing not its owner . Furthermore, it should be noted that sedentary dogs or small breeds tend to inhabit the homes do not wear enough and nails too long can hinder walking, aplomb deform or cause the animal injury.


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