Stress in animals

white catStress is a major ailments that we face today. Our day to day is full of tension and haste. According to experts, is a product of his relationship with his environment man, ie the reaction to danger through a series of physical or psychological responses .

However, the human being is not the only one who suffers, as many scientific psychology studies have shown that animals also have this illness. Thus, a stressed dog is one that suffers for any reason related to the circumstances surrounding it, or because they perceive a future suffering.

Leading Causes

parrot Animals suffering from constant stress are those for scientific experiments , which are found in laboratories. It is also suffering because of the manipulation that are under those species that are part of the human food chain , stored in small cells and transported in trucks whose conditions are not very comfortable for the animal. The consequences of this suffering is the weight loss and even that of meat quality .

On the other hand, it is noteworthy to stress that these animals are under used in festivals , such as taurine. And is that before the feast, the animal, accustomed to the open fields is transported and then enclosed in spaces too small, so he suspects something is going to happen.

The stress on the pet

dog On many occasions, dogs and cats tend to suffer this evil to accept the stress of his master as his own, ie a kind of contagion . Everyone knows that pets profess a great love for their owners and tend to feel sad at the suffering of it.

The other main cause is related to the change of environment , in which case it is usually temporary and disappear when the animal becomes accustomed to their new home or new ways. However, when the situation becomes too lasting concern, as can alter some internal functions , raising the heart rate or increasing power consumption.

You can list other situations that generate stress, such as intercity travel by subway or bus, and other means of transport such as train, airplane or car. Also noteworthy anxiety suffered by those animals that do not have enough affection of his master, who are alone too long and boring and the dogs that often go to dog shows or feline. In the case of fish, good aquarium conditions are indispensable. In this sense, the terrariums of reptiles or cages of birds must also satisfy the appropriate dimensions.

How to detect and combat

Dog & Puppy The change in the character of the mascot is the main sign that the animal is stressed. Thus, it is often presented aggressiveness, moodiness or reactions have not been observed previously. On the physical level, it is possible that this condition will cause the animal vomiting, diarrhea or other illness .

Also, in the case of dogs, stress may be suspected if obsessively lick or bite any part of your body, to the point of self-harm . Similarly, birds have the picking. If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms should see a veterinarian to determine if the cause of change is due to a disease or is caused by stress or suffering of some kind. In the second case, it is best to give the animal the attention it needs, avoiding the excessive boredom and providing demonstrations of affection .


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