Food and rest and play space

It is important to feed your dog with food quality if we want a healthy dog for many years and save a lot of problems, not worth supermarket offerings in which the bags cost 15 euros to 25 kilos, it is clear that cheap is filled with cheap ingredients and waste. A bag of good quality feed around 50 euros, the food expenditure would be between 20-70 per month , depending on size and energy level of your dog.

dog    dog
The toys are needed for mental and physical stimulation of our animal. This will cost us for 25 to 150 per year. 

The dog needs his refuge , a haven of peace, and this should be cozy and quiet, here we will invest between 50 to 200 euros per year. If we buy that are easy to clean and durable will not have to renew them so assiduously, although it is advisable to renew several times a year especially if your pet has fleas and other parasites. Your dog should have at least one leash and collar : between 20 to 50 euros per year.


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