veterinary care and barber

Contrary to what most people think, your dog if you need a canine hairdresser . Is necessary. The barbers canines are the first professionals to detect diseases in dogs.

Whether your dog is long hair or short hair salon needs, this one will fix the nails, ears cleaned it, glands, purifies them, .... This will cost between 100 to 500 Euros per year.

dog    dog
The veterinary care is an important part of keeping your dog healthy. We check our animal once or twice a year and the budget will be EUR 200-400 . These will be increased depending on the races, there are many races that are problematic in terms of health and develop the same disease characteristics.

To this we must add the drugs and other accessories necessary to prevent or fight diseases or parasites. Some dogs also need vitamins and supplements . In general, it is likely to be spent 100 to 300 euros per year on these items. We save a lot of money if we devote the necessary time to basic education for our puppy, the first months are very important, let the dog interact with others. If we can not take our dog on vacation or any other place, we must add an additional expense, about twice a year, so we add between 200 and 500 euros per year, if you travel frequently this should be multiplied by two. 
Nobody can predict the future, the unexpected happens, diseases, accidents and other unplanned expenses can break the family budget, the best way to prepare is to leave an extra money as savings.

dog    dog

With all this we conclude, that having a dog is not free and requires considerable monthly expense, which is why we ask the following questions: Can we afford to have a dog? We can afford a monthly minimum of € 150 ? With proper planning, you can give your dog a long and happy life.


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