Relationship with children

One of the main concerns about the relationship with the pet, especially for parents, is the relationship to the smallest .

First, it should be noted that dogs are great friends of children , although there are more appropriate than other races to live with them, like Boxer or German Shepherd , regarded as authentic 'nannies'. Some experts say that it is not convenient to acquire large dogs , as if acting aggressively, the damage it can cause the child to be higher than in the case of small breeds.

rubber duck dog girl with dog

Another particularly important aspect to consider is the reaction that causes the dog the arrival of a new family member . When this is still a baby, contact with the animal should be minimal so exercise caution when the child begins to gain mobility at home, at which to establish physical contact between them and the bond. It is always advisable to contact these first shots are supervised by an adult, in order to avoid problems.

The first meeting between the two not only be a new experience for the child, but also for the animal, which will be required to observe the movements of the first and understand that these are not attacks. In most cases, children may grow in harmony with a dog at home, but there are animals unable to adjust to the new environment . In this case aggressive situations can be generated by the dog, which can pose a danger to the child . Therefore, it should be aware of the performance of the animal in the first shots of contact.


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