Care for dog ears

Cleaning the dog's ears is important and needs regular care, about every three weeks . Keep in mind that 10% of the dogs that go to the vet is due to a condition in the ear. As for the characteristics of the canine ear, noted that the canal is L-shaped, it is particularly long and well protected eardrums.

The Cocker , the Basset Hound and other dogs with floppy ears are closed for this through the ear, making a nest of parasites and infections and need a lot more surveillance. Regarding the Poodle , the Yorkshire , the Bichon and the like, have noted that hair in the ear canal, favoring the retention of cerumen that causes inflammation. You can cut your hair gently conduit entry but do not see it simply, it's best to ask your veterinarian for help.

• How to clean?

It is essential to get used from puppy to our dog to this type of care. It is imperative that the canal is well ventilated and dry, especially in breeds of lop ears. You have to remove the wax to prevent the formation of plugs and the proliferation of bacteria. To remove the impurities and the wax should be used a cotton ball soaked in warm mineral oil or hygiene products recommended by your veterinarian.

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When the puppy is developing, it is normal to see dogs with erect ears and not the other, or both crossed. But this does not matter since this aspect is related to the change of teeth , a process whose effects make the dog suffers greatly.

Care of wounds

Often our dogs are injured fighting with others, playing when they are loose, catching with spikes and other plants, and so on. The ears bleed profusely and the dog shake his head violently, intensifying the bleeding and blood splattering.
We know how to heal these wounds, the bleeding will stop soon if you do proper cures. Just a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide , holding firmly to each side of the pavilion injured. If the wounds are older, the veterinarian must be involved. In order that the state of his injured ear from getting worse, sell the ear wound, must be supported on top of the head and with a bandage, go around the neck of the animal.

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Helpful Hints

 The dog needs a periodic cleaning of the ears.

 If you move the head often tries to put his paw on the pipe, if you have the red ear , scratches or whimpers, is that it hurts, so go to the vet.

 In the inner part should not use cottons s or irritants.

 In case of tumor or chronic otitis, there to undergo surgery. Although it is not nice, if you do not, the consequences could be severe, almost constant pain and severe disorders.


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