Teach your dog to be alone

DogWhen a puppy comes home all is joy and happiness. However, your new pet needs lots of attention, companionship, education and play, but also be taught how to have fun and enjoy time alone when you stay at home unaccompanied. If not, an empty house can be a very lonely place for your new pet.

If you give too much freedom and little watching him during his first weeks at home, it is expected that puppies develop a series of behavioral problems and relieve themselves indoors, chewing, digging or barking continuously. Dogs with excessive levels of stress may develop a manic behavior and spend the day circling, pacing restlessly or panting.

Puppies and newly adopted dogs may become overly dependent on their owners if they spend too much time with them during the early days. The dogs too dependent on their masters usually suffer anxiety when left home alone .

A special place

The dogs are wild animals and like to have their own 'den'. A private place to sit tight, chew bones or even a nap. A good shelter could be a transport cage with a bed inside. In addition, the cage can be very helpful for the education of your dog.

Dog Dog
The trasportín also be used to teach your dog good habits of hygiene behavior, to learn how to reduce the barking, prevent dig in the garden and to build confidence and peace of mind .

For starters, when you're home, keep your dog from time to time in the carrier for 'small lulls' so you gain confidence. Eventually your dog will learn to want to fully enjoy running around home, whether you are or not.


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