Enjoy the countryside with your dog

The arrival of spring is always a good news for those who enjoy the company of a dog. Temperatures rise, the sun shines high in the sky and the field becomes a mosaic of colors and aromas that invite you to enjoy nature with your best friend.

Spend a day setting may be the best plan for a boring weekend, in addition to being a great exercise for your dog , you can run, jump and burn all the energy accumulated during the week. But it is important that before leaving home, prepare well all that our dog will need throughout the day, and be sighted before any type of accident.

dogs in the field dogs in the field

Essential in your backpack

At the time of making the bag for the countryside, do not forget to put the following:
 Lots of water, if possible carrying a container for your dog to drink.
 Some food: you can get I think in a bag or prepare something special like a picnic.
  Kit : it never hurts to the unexpected.
  Correa : let him loose though, it is sometimes necessary.
  Towels : if you go near a river, the need.
 ! Toys! balls , ropes, a kong ... what you like.

If your dog is prone to allergies as comes in contact with certain plants, you can also take antihistamines , as long as you have been prescribed by your veterinarian first. When put him in the car, remember that it is obligatory to carry a net separation between the front and rear seats, unless the dog is small and can go into a carrier.

dogs in the field dogs in the field

? When I can take the field?

Throughout the life of the animal, any time is good to take you to enjoy nature with us. Germain Quintana, Veterinary Clinic A Marosa, recommends "that during the first months of life the animal, it comes in contact with as many people as possible, dogs and other animals to permit optimal development and avoid future behavior problems " . Of course, as long as the animal is properly dewormed and updating of vaccinations.
It is also important that the animal is accustomed to accept basic commands , especially those that forced him to stay still or back with us after the call. If your dog still does not know respect them, we can use a long rope tied but leaving him to bring some freedom, and implement these orders with patience. If you want to move faster, bring a whistle and a packet of sausages cut to give them as a reward every time they respond positively.

dogs in the field dogs in the field

When the dog responds to our commands, it makes sense to bring him loose to have a total freedom of movement. But we must be careful when we cross game reserves and private farms as their owners can call the attention or confuse the dog with other animals during the hunting and shooting accident. It is best to go through this type of farm with the dog tied up.

Allergies and accidents

Dogs, like us, can suffer an allergic reaction to any type of plant or substance in nature. Fausto Andres Center veterinarian Nexus, advised to avoid areas with "nettles, some ficus and Umbelliferae" because they can produce "from hives to local or general allergies. " If we find that our dog has irritated areas on the skin or near mouth, we can wash the area with water and vinegar to soothe the itch, but if the problem is compounded should call our vet.

dogs in the field dogs in the field

When our dog enjoys his freedom in nature, he spends his days running, jumping, getting into impossible corners , swimming in rivers and doing a lot of things that happen so big. Sometimes, so much excitement can cause injury when struck against something or falling.

So, always have handy mobile phone and a contact number for emergency vet, because if the dog is too big and you're alone, you might be impossible to move him because of his weight. If you do get a break, be very careful when you touch it you can try to bite because of pain and nerves.

Our member, the most jackets

Users and user forum Dogs Facilisimo.com know very well how much they enjoy their dogs in the field, so we often tell their stories, with lots of photos that give a good example of how well you spend. Kiseta , for example, boasts of "having a field to two minutes from home, and go every day with my two hours. There are vineyards and forests! and pass it great."
Naru , meanwhile, says that "there is no elixir for dogs them out to the field to run free, so when you get home, as ceporros fall asleep. " Dogs of Mery1 pass it big every time you go with them: "'Kas' goes crazy looking for birds and lizards, the problem comes when there are sheep, and we have to be careful because he sees before us and dogs ".

dogs in the field dogs in the field

Rebe23 discusses the problems they have, at times, to enter the dog on private farms, "Here in Asturias is quite easy to find a place to let them go, because there are many fields, but have an owner and as you can see you fight . "

Why not seize the remainder of the day and you escape with your dog to enjoy nature? Plan is economical , healthy and above will be happier than anywhere else. If, moreover, is accompanied by furry friends, the fun is multiplied by two.


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