Dog Reproduction

It's called jealousy the menstrual cycle of female dogs, which is associated with bleeding from the vulva. This cycle is 21 days and occurs every six months . During bleeding, should maintain hygiene convenient, washing the vulva twice daily with mild soap. The first cycle will be presented to the eight or ten months old and should know that it is recommended that the dog get pregnant in the first period, is too young. The optimum is to wait at least until the third heat.

two dogs bitch with pups

If it is intended to cross into the female should be borne in mind that the first eight or ten days in the period corresponding to the preparation for the pro-estrus or ovulation. The subsequent eight or ten days are called estrus and is the phase in which the bitch ovulates and accepts the male, so the ideal time for reproduction . Typically at this stage bleeding and gone, but not always.

Not easy for the dog to get pregnant, since many of them are dominant and aggressive, so they will not accept a male in his territory. So it is more convenient than the female is transferred and that the male is in its territory who do not feel intimidated. Also, when the dog is gilt, the male should have experience with.

Why do dogs bark?

Dogs bark for many reasons. Some hunting breeds such as Basset Hound and Terrier, they are used to warn of the beginning of the game, and others like the Husky, the Alaskan and the Samoyed howl, to stimulate and lead the herd , so that being a inherited behavior is very difficult to remove. Other dogs bark out of fear or because they are very territorial. If we install our dog near the fence, on busy sidewalks or submit to other stimuli exciting, bark a lot. Many dogs bark excessively out of boredom, loneliness or anxiety.

Dog Dog
If we act on these cases allowing them to play with peers, toys, putting them in isolated places, and removing other stimuli can get them to stop barking. The first thing to do to correct excessive barking is, as in any problem either psychological or physical, identify the cause, among which we find:

- Loneliness: This is the most common cause. Dogs are pack animals, have a social behavior and have peers to feel safe. In our society, the human family is a group of dogs. The dog that is kept exclusively outside of our house, he separated from his family , barks to express their loneliness. The best solution for this situation is to allow the dog to live inside.
If this is not possible, a second dog can be an excellent idea. Be careful when selecting the second dog and choose a quiet race . In any case, we need to spend some time with them so that they feel integrated and socializing.

- Territoriality / Fear: Other dogs bark because outside stimulus agitates. Being located on a busy sidewalk, under a staircase in a playground or in areas of high human activity cause dogs to bark to protect their territory or fear of strangers. Try to find a location on your property where the dog is at least exposed to these stimuli . Provide a house to retire to rest if you want and never leave your dog in an area where it can be disturbed by children or people outside the family.

- Lack of socialization: The dogs well socialized bark less, because they have been exposed to many different situations. At this point it is important that the dog live indoors as part of the family.

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How to prevent dog barking

DogA responsible owner is one who cares for your pet and take care you do not have behaviors that cause problems for society. Excessive barking is one of these behavioral problems that may come to disturb our neighbors and that makes many people come to hate dogs.

A bark to alert their owners of irregularities is not only normal, but useful and even healthy for the dog. However, owners who allow their dogs l Adren too are creating a problem for everyone and can be reported, and create a rejection of the dog by its neighbors. Let's see why there is this and what forms have to reduce or even eliminate excessive barking, while at the same time that the animal does not suffer stress and anxiety.

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