Dogs and Cats

Although different, so that dogs and cats are bad today is more myth than reality. But we must not forget that nature is predatory and their hunting instinct, everything inside pulls them to chase other animals. It is not the first time we see coincided like a cat chasing a mouse, bird, fly ... and that the dogs do the same with cats. Its genetic blueprint tells them is a potential prey that they must pursue to survive, being a clear source of food. In carnivores, especially cats that are almost exclusively, this survival is based on predation. So it is as natural as a habitual behavior. It will be harder to remove that instinct to cats than dogs but we can control through games, bearing in mind that we encourage them all to wake up that instinct. There are countries like Switzerland or Australia where there is a "curfew" for the cats hunting at regular times in which they are forbidden by law to their owners allow them outside the exits. But the issue! These two species can be viewed with suspicion because they are different, but each arises a natural interest. The misunderstanding each other can be the engine of their relationship, but they are pets has helped to change and soften these patterns. In turn, the proximity of man, caused a lower density of predators that may have increased the chances of success in reproduction and survival of individuals. This is the most likely cause for the explanation of why domestic predators properly socialized with humans or other pets are fleeing not only them but also can search company. If accustomed from puppies to each other's presence, ie the properly socialize and educate them to live together, the mutual adjustment easier. Assume that there is no need to hunt to survive and that their relationship with other species may be different. Since puppies learn from their parents and peers and of course the surrounding environment which will condition their behavior as adults. The influence of age on adaptation is important because if for example we have an older dog at home and enters a new tenant, a kitten as this will take longer to habituate. The youngest is best adapted to the changes. The puppies are more playful than hunters do not take to establish their own hierarchies, their own interactions, their own roles. Although it is important to always have their specific places to eat and sleep so they can take refuge in times of oppression. The presentation is a very important time in the future relationship is better than our dog at this time is relaxed after a good walk when you are relaxed or calm. If when we show you new pet shows signs of calm have to congratulate him, proud to show you their peaceful reaction. The older the dog more patience should be taken, but the formula is the same. Some interesting steps or references that would be wise to bear in mind would be: Never let your dog or puppy gets  close to the cat. Your dog will want to sniff and the cat that will not help you strike up a friendship, rather will bother you and most likely have wanted to get the hell out, something that will make your dog chase you trying to play with him. Viewing the picture it is best when the cat and the dog are in the same room, the dog is lying down and quiet , controlling the cat slowly gains confidence around him without being overwhelmed. Allow your cat to approach the dog, but will not be superv√≠salo the lien, and put in "persecution." If your cat wants to hide, let it . Do not force the situation. Allow the cat to investigate the dog according to their own desires. It may take between eight and ten weeks until the cat is adjusting to sharing his home with his new friend. Let your dog and cat separated when you're at home, until you have the certainty that now the thing and is quiet and there are going to be running one after another. Premia any conduct which may arise between the two. Every time the dog let the cat approach or walk around without chasing him, warmly welcomes your dog . Remember that with a willingness both come to an understanding, sooner or later


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