Teach your dog to enjoy his lair

A cage for a dog is not very different from a playground or a small room. The first thing to do is teach the dog to get the most out of his cage and want to spend time on it.
Put a portion of their daily food within a chew toy, type Kong, tie it to the cage door and opens the door for the dog in and out at will. Reward your dog when you are with the toy and watch them if you leave the cage. When the dog takes in a while nibbling on the toy can try to close the door.

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The next day, put your second helping of food in the toy. Gets inside the toy and the cage door closes leaving the dog outside. As you see your dog trying to open the cage to catch their food, let him come in and shut the door when it happens. Soon learn to be in his 'lair' is a good thing.

The spikes in our dogs

With the arrival of warm weather in the surrounding hills and parks of our cities are appearing different herbs and weeds that germinate in the spring and the first rays of sun. These plants often display sets of spikes to be shed from the plant as it dries, the wind or the brush of passing animals and people.

When one of these pins goes to our sock, the only problem that will cause us trouble off our shoes in order to extract the stem and continue our walk. Because we walk upright, our heads are well above the pins. Not so with our dogs , and that however great the race, always walk through the undergrowth of the forests and parks with their heads down and brushing with everything in its path.

How do you know who has an ear?

When our dogs roam these places make this brush off their ears and sometimes end up in your inner ear . This can cause serious damage , because if we do not act and let them stay there, we run the risk of causing great pain to the animal. Often they end up infected ears and then it would be absolutely necessary surgery to remove them.
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It is very easy to detect if your dog has been introduced a spike in your ear. In addition to making continuous shaking of the head (similar to when they are drying after bathing), we see that the dog leans over the side head ear which has entered the ear, as if listening to the ground.

The steps you must follow

Once we have identified the problem, we will immediately bring down the animal on the floor with the affected ear upward, carefully removing the ear and the hair by hand. With the help of a flashlight or bright light, try to locate it . We just need to try to recover if it is accessible to our fingers. Never, I repeat, never introduce anything (much less sharp such as tweezers) in the ear of the animal. This could give a shake and cause the object in a very serious damage to your ear.
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If you do not see the spike or is too deep to reach with our fingers, we immediately take our pet to a veterinarian to remove it. It's not a matter of life or death, but with the passing of the hours the discomfort turned into pain and be more difficult to remove.

Once at the vet?

Once at the vet may be necessary to immobilize the animal under anesthesia to make safer and less painful operation. This always involves a risk, but I think it is perfectly acceptable, since the anesthetic rarely causes allergic outbreaks that may complicate the operation.
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After removing the pin and our animal recovered from anesthesia, does not require any special care, except that our vet otherwise. I advise my clients do not walk their dogs in areas with high weeds at this time and always keep your ear and your pets ears clean of wax and dirt. With gauze and serum requires no more than five minutes per week.

Tips to bring a dog in the car

Although dogs are animals very docile , they are prepared to travel by car . It is therefore necessary to take a series of measures to make the trip a little more enjoyable for both the animal and the other occupants.

Be aware that, according to current regulations , the dog should go in a separate space driver that is delimited with a folding metal frame suitable for all types of vehicles. The Traffic Department prohibits animals are loose in the car or to be in the front seat because they can pose a driving hazard .

Before you go

If this is the first time you make a trip to the pet, what can be done minutes before leaving the place of destination is to accustom the dog to the car when stationary, enter the vehicle and remain inside for a while then put up and make very short journeys. It may be that the dog barks for no apparent reason. What happens is that for him the car is not moving: you think are the things that move and tries futilely chase .
dogs in car dog in the car
Also keep in mind the possibility that the dog is dizzy . If the pet is prone to it is a good solution to give a antimareo pill an hour before departure, but the best as it can be done is to prevent coma before being moved. But for any eventuality, it is best to place a towel or cloth on the back of the vehicle so that it does not stain the upholstery.

Placing the pet

If it is a large animal , bring bound , placed in the side opposite the driver and occupants to separate by means of a grid or framework extensible which can be bought in any shop.
If the pet is a small dog should be put in the back seat, inside a box, basket or special bag for animals, which can be purchased at any pet store. It's a good way to keep quiet and avoid dizzy.

dog lying on car dog looking out the window
In no case has been put in the trunk of the car. If poor combustion, the gases released by the motor can be deadly for your pet. Nor is it a good solution to open a little door racks, because the vast majority suffer from claustrophobia and suffer badly. Another reason not to leave it in the boot is because dogs do not perspire through the skin , like humans, so that the thermal regulation must be in the lungs and respiratory rate can go from 30 to more than 200 movements per minute, which can be extremely dangerous to their physical integrity .

Important Precautions

We must avoid pull his head out the window , because you may get diseases such as otitis or conjunctivitis . Also ensure that does not pass the front of the car distracted the driver, since it can cause a dangerous situation that you lose control of the vehicle. If the driver is traveling alone and mascot, this should not turn to see how the trip takes the dog to avoid, so let your guard down and the possibility of an accident .
Dog in boxIf the trip is over you can stop at a service area or for the dog to stretch its legs a bit and drink some water. Furthermore, when withholding or caravans, is better than the person in charge of the dog off the car and take you for a little walk to give him the air, as high temperatures and immobility can cause heat stroke.

When people are in the car during the trip need to stop eating, the pet may stay inside the vehicle, in the shade with the windows partially lowered so it can breathe. In this sense, we can say that you should not leave the animal in the car during the summer months, even in the shade, a risk that it could suffer a thermal shock , causing even death.

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