Food and rest and play space

It is important to feed your dog with food quality if we want a healthy dog for many years and save a lot of problems, not worth supermarket offerings in which the bags cost 15 euros to 25 kilos, it is clear that cheap is filled with cheap ingredients and waste. A bag of good quality feed around 50 euros, the food expenditure would be between 20-70 per month , depending on size and energy level of your dog.

dog    dog
The toys are needed for mental and physical stimulation of our animal. This will cost us for 25 to 150 per year. 

The dog needs his refuge , a haven of peace, and this should be cozy and quiet, here we will invest between 50 to 200 euros per year. If we buy that are easy to clean and durable will not have to renew them so assiduously, although it is advisable to renew several times a year especially if your pet has fleas and other parasites. Your dog should have at least one leash and collar : between 20 to 50 euros per year.

Relationship with children

One of the main concerns about the relationship with the pet, especially for parents, is the relationship to the smallest .

First, it should be noted that dogs are great friends of children , although there are more appropriate than other races to live with them, like Boxer or German Shepherd , regarded as authentic 'nannies'. Some experts say that it is not convenient to acquire large dogs , as if acting aggressively, the damage it can cause the child to be higher than in the case of small breeds.

rubber duck dog girl with dog

Another particularly important aspect to consider is the reaction that causes the dog the arrival of a new family member . When this is still a baby, contact with the animal should be minimal so exercise caution when the child begins to gain mobility at home, at which to establish physical contact between them and the bond. It is always advisable to contact these first shots are supervised by an adult, in order to avoid problems.

The first meeting between the two not only be a new experience for the child, but also for the animal, which will be required to observe the movements of the first and understand that these are not attacks. In most cases, children may grow in harmony with a dog at home, but there are animals unable to adjust to the new environment . In this case aggressive situations can be generated by the dog, which can pose a danger to the child . Therefore, it should be aware of the performance of the animal in the first shots of contact.

Five basic hygiene guidelines

dog in the fieldWhen a pet, we must be aware of the multiple care needs and we will have to devote time. One basic aspect is to keep your pet clean and neat , first, to prevent disease and, secondly, to promote coexistence.
The health of your pet is essential, especially if you live in a small apartment. Here we list the five essential that any animal care needs.

Bath time

The bathroom is essential to eliminate odors and dirt. It is true that, for example, cats bathe themselves and have a reputation for being very clean animals. Also, if our pet is clean we bathe, especially in the case of dogs that go out. It is best to do it once a month , since they are small, so they get used to this routine.
Now that the heat is on, it's best bathing with warm water , using soap and shampoo provided specifically for them and then drying them with towels and hair dryer.
dog in the bathtub kitten on the couch

Hair Care

Along with bathing, care is one of the most important and most time-consuming, especially in long haired animals. The first thing to know is that the mantle has three stages : growth, death and fall, in addition to a primary and a hair shorter, which is known as submanto .
The key is used to the brushing from small, since the benefits are countless: allows you to monitor the eventual appearance of external parasites, removes dead hair, etc. . Another important factor is choosing the most suitable brush, combs experts recommend separate spiked long hair and teeth together for the short robe. In both cases, if the comb against the hair growth.

Pay attention to the nails

In the case of dogs do not need to because the nails cortárseles rubbing them with the soil naturally wears. But in terms of other pets like cats is recommended to buy a special nail clippers for them and be careful to perform the operation.
We must also go regularly to the salon to cut hair are the legs and prevent excess dirt in the area.
Alsatian cat in the sink

A perfect mouth

Bad breath is usually quite common in our pets, while it's really annoying to us. Some of the causes of dental diseases are caused by bacteria, excessive salivation , digestive disorders, kidney or respiratory disease. Of course, given these conditions we must go to the vet.
Usually bad breath is due to poor oral hygiene , which we will notice the yellowing of teeth or tartar buildup. Today, the market offers pasta special toothpaste or products such as bones clean their teeth and gums. Also the high-end feed help keep the mouth of our healthy animal.

His home site

Unfortunately, almost none live in large country houses where our animals enjoy plenty of room. Most of us have small apartments where your pet needs to have defined its space from the start. The basic thing is to provide a well-ventilated and sunny . It will put the bed, which should always be clean and dry.
cats in the bed dog in the garden
It is important that we clean every day the feeder and the drinker. If by accident the dog urinates in the house, it's best to scrub the floors with vinegar and water.
If we follow these five basic hygiene standards, we will not only our pets are more beautiful, but avoid the occurrence of diseases. These recommendations must always be accompanied also by the track veterinarian.

veterinary care and barber

Contrary to what most people think, your dog if you need a canine hairdresser . Is necessary. The barbers canines are the first professionals to detect diseases in dogs.

Whether your dog is long hair or short hair salon needs, this one will fix the nails, ears cleaned it, glands, purifies them, .... This will cost between 100 to 500 Euros per year.

dog    dog
The veterinary care is an important part of keeping your dog healthy. We check our animal once or twice a year and the budget will be EUR 200-400 . These will be increased depending on the races, there are many races that are problematic in terms of health and develop the same disease characteristics.

To this we must add the drugs and other accessories necessary to prevent or fight diseases or parasites. Some dogs also need vitamins and supplements . In general, it is likely to be spent 100 to 300 euros per year on these items. We save a lot of money if we devote the necessary time to basic education for our puppy, the first months are very important, let the dog interact with others. If we can not take our dog on vacation or any other place, we must add an additional expense, about twice a year, so we add between 200 and 500 euros per year, if you travel frequently this should be multiplied by two. 
Nobody can predict the future, the unexpected happens, diseases, accidents and other unplanned expenses can break the family budget, the best way to prepare is to leave an extra money as savings.

dog    dog

With all this we conclude, that having a dog is not free and requires considerable monthly expense, which is why we ask the following questions: Can we afford to have a dog? We can afford a monthly minimum of € 150 ? With proper planning, you can give your dog a long and happy life.

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