Tips on choosing glasses

If you have problems with eye and require that you wear glasses. You do not need to worry, because the selection of proper eyewear will give a plus to your appearance. I suggest some tips on choosing the right glasses for you.

Customize your sunglasses with your face shape.
Oval-shaped face matching using almost all forms of the frame, do not hesitate to experiment to try different forms of the frame.
Round face, avoid round frames because it will reinforce your face shape is round. Choose the ellipse-shaped frame, this will disguise your face shape.
Square-shaped face, fit using the frame with oval model. It is hard to disguise the shape and stiffness in the jaw. Avoid square frames because it will further add to the impression of stiffness in your face.

Skin color
For those of you who were white, you are lucky because all the frames will match the colors used by you. Colored skin or brown skin, choose a frame that colored red, brown, gray, black metallic, and dark green. Yellow skin and pink is more appropriate to use frames in green, yellow and brown. As for your black skin color is more suitable for use frames gray, whitish yellow, metallic brown and metallic silver color.

Posture tall and straight, choose a sturdy frame and a bit thick, for you are tall skinny and small are encouraged to use a flexible and lightweight frames.

Lens material
You who want eyewear that is lightweight and does not break easily choose a plastic lens, but for those of you who want a lens that is thinner and not easily scratched choose a lens made from glass.

The function of the lens
If you have a lot of outdoor activities, consider choosing a color or a lens that can change the color becomes darker when exposed to sunlight, the more sun the lenses will be darker. Lenses that protect your eyes from UV rays is a lens that has been coated with UV protection coat. In addition for those of you who used to work in front of a computer monitor, then you are encouraged to use a lens that has been equipped with anti-radiation computer.

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