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As the pet dog par excellence, one of the basics to improve your life with man is the hygiene . It is therefore advisable to accustom the animal to these tasks since it is small and well keep you from getting certain diseases and infections that also can pose a risk to their owners.

Thus, the bathroom is the first element becomes essential to keep the dog clean and away from parasites. Experts say should be done every three or four weeks , although this period depends on the animal's fur. This process should be done with the right products to be purchased at veterinary centers. It should also be noted that after the bath is essential to dry , as moisture in the hair can lead to certain skin conditions.

Another major task is the hygiene of the ears , a major source of infection. This should be done regularly, twice a week or so, and using an otic swab or wipes impregnated with disinfectant. It is also necessary to remove the flag that obstruct the hair in order to avoid ear infections, and ensure that the ears are always dry and airy.

cutting nails bathing the dog

As for cleaning the eyes , should know that you should use a cotton swab moistened with saline water or chamomile. You can also use special eye care products and disinfectant wipes marketed in veterinary centers. Another activity required eye related embodiment is the daily cleaning of the crusting that were formed during the night or who appear throughout the day.

As the mouth is concerned, should regularly clean teeth to prevent tartar buildup on their teeth. These cleanups can be performed by a veterinarian if the animal possesses oral infections.

Finally, it is especially useful to keep the nails of the dog in a suitable size in order to avoid damage to itself when scratching and clawing not its owner . Furthermore, it should be noted that sedentary dogs or small breeds tend to inhabit the homes do not wear enough and nails too long can hinder walking, aplomb deform or cause the animal injury.

Stress in animals

white catStress is a major ailments that we face today. Our day to day is full of tension and haste. According to experts, is a product of his relationship with his environment man, ie the reaction to danger through a series of physical or psychological responses .

However, the human being is not the only one who suffers, as many scientific psychology studies have shown that animals also have this illness. Thus, a stressed dog is one that suffers for any reason related to the circumstances surrounding it, or because they perceive a future suffering.

Leading Causes

parrot Animals suffering from constant stress are those for scientific experiments , which are found in laboratories. It is also suffering because of the manipulation that are under those species that are part of the human food chain , stored in small cells and transported in trucks whose conditions are not very comfortable for the animal. The consequences of this suffering is the weight loss and even that of meat quality .

On the other hand, it is noteworthy to stress that these animals are under used in festivals , such as taurine. And is that before the feast, the animal, accustomed to the open fields is transported and then enclosed in spaces too small, so he suspects something is going to happen.

The stress on the pet

dog On many occasions, dogs and cats tend to suffer this evil to accept the stress of his master as his own, ie a kind of contagion . Everyone knows that pets profess a great love for their owners and tend to feel sad at the suffering of it.

The other main cause is related to the change of environment , in which case it is usually temporary and disappear when the animal becomes accustomed to their new home or new ways. However, when the situation becomes too lasting concern, as can alter some internal functions , raising the heart rate or increasing power consumption.

You can list other situations that generate stress, such as intercity travel by subway or bus, and other means of transport such as train, airplane or car. Also noteworthy anxiety suffered by those animals that do not have enough affection of his master, who are alone too long and boring and the dogs that often go to dog shows or feline. In the case of fish, good aquarium conditions are indispensable. In this sense, the terrariums of reptiles or cages of birds must also satisfy the appropriate dimensions.

How to detect and combat

Dog & Puppy The change in the character of the mascot is the main sign that the animal is stressed. Thus, it is often presented aggressiveness, moodiness or reactions have not been observed previously. On the physical level, it is possible that this condition will cause the animal vomiting, diarrhea or other illness .

Also, in the case of dogs, stress may be suspected if obsessively lick or bite any part of your body, to the point of self-harm . Similarly, birds have the picking. If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms should see a veterinarian to determine if the cause of change is due to a disease or is caused by stress or suffering of some kind. In the second case, it is best to give the animal the attention it needs, avoiding the excessive boredom and providing demonstrations of affection .

Why canine aggression occurs?

brown dogThe dog is known as does the man's best friend ?. This definition has been given a random or superficial, since it has been with us since the beginning of time and has evolved as the environment, as well as humans. Loyal and affectionate with his master, became part of our lives because they had a morphology exist in man , as the acuteness of smell, hearing, agility, etc..
The expertise developed to the extent certain qualities of different races. The secret of artificial selection lies in human intervention during the process, relying on the thousands of years of living with the species. The man has taken advantage of the attributes of some races for their own benefit, but also the Canis familiaris has benefited from this relationship, ensuring the survival as a species .
black dogIn selecting the most useful features , the races have evolved gradually specifying in tasks such as showing, hunting, collecting, trail, custody, fighting, defending the company, and so on. Nowadays, dogs continue to be used practically for the same purposes as before, and even in a scientific manner by applying the same assisted therapy for elderly, children, etc..

Behavior Change

The dogs are part of our lives more and more. There are a greater number of people who have or have had a dog at home but can influence the character of our dog changing behavioral patterns if it has been prepared to an end?, for example, can a dog be trained to hunting and at the same time, living as a companion dog? rottweilerIn this regard, a copy of the game, can you submit if you have abnormal behaviors at home, sleeping in our bed and sharing space with us?, Could you get angry and attack at any given time? The appearance of aggressiveness may be due to several factors , the most common would be the authority not from the owners and poor ranking in the home.
When choosing a dog for coexistence is important not to humanize it and think that is our child, because you never will think it is. Our pet will think at first that the Super Alpha of the pack is it. If not clear from the beginning we surely come a day when we tell you to do something and if at that time, the dog is not good, we will have a high probability that we growl or even bite us.

Types of aggression

The canine aggression can occur for various reasons or factors. We collect here the various types among canids: * Aggressive or competitive dominance : occurs when two or more dogs trying to access the same resource at a time. Also to impose the hierarchy within a group. Likewise, humans can manifest as to live with us in their mindset, we are a herd. Attempt to access the best position, ie want to be the leader or the Super Alpha. There are genetic problems, like the syndrome of anger, an exaggerated way that appears dominance aggression in some breeds, for example, the English Cocker Spaniel .
* Maternal Aggression : the females manifest when they believe their babies are at some risk. In general, if a bitch is disturbed by strangers in the farrowing house, the cast if they persist in staying. If that approach or pet a puppy removed, will launch the attack.
* Aggressiveness by pain : in response to the application of painful stimuli.
long-faced dog puppy black dog
* intrasexual aggressiveness : it originates with the presence or coexistence with dogs of the same sex.
* intersexual aggressiveness : it originates with the presence or cohabitation with dogs of different sex (male-female).
* territorial aggressiveness , manifested by the appearance of an intruder in their territory, whether person or animal.
* Redirected Aggression : This stimulus triggers for dog aggression, but this does not have access to the stimulus trigger it, redirecting it to other stimuli present.
* Aggressive secondary to endocrine and central nervous system diseases.
* Aggressiveness learned : through training.
* Aggressive predatory : prey drive.
* Aggressiveness of fear , common in dogs fearful and without hardening face a new or strange situation in which it feels threatened.

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