Tips on choosing glasses

If you have problems with eye and require that you wear glasses. You do not need to worry, because the selection of proper eyewear will give a plus to your appearance. I suggest some tips on choosing the right glasses for you.

Customize your sunglasses with your face shape.
Oval-shaped face matching using almost all forms of the frame, do not hesitate to experiment to try different forms of the frame.
Round face, avoid round frames because it will reinforce your face shape is round. Choose the ellipse-shaped frame, this will disguise your face shape.
Square-shaped face, fit using the frame with oval model. It is hard to disguise the shape and stiffness in the jaw. Avoid square frames because it will further add to the impression of stiffness in your face.

Skin color
For those of you who were white, you are lucky because all the frames will match the colors used by you. Colored skin or brown skin, choose a frame that colored red, brown, gray, black metallic, and dark green. Yellow skin and pink is more appropriate to use frames in green, yellow and brown. As for your black skin color is more suitable for use frames gray, whitish yellow, metallic brown and metallic silver color.

Posture tall and straight, choose a sturdy frame and a bit thick, for you are tall skinny and small are encouraged to use a flexible and lightweight frames.

Lens material
You who want eyewear that is lightweight and does not break easily choose a plastic lens, but for those of you who want a lens that is thinner and not easily scratched choose a lens made from glass.

The function of the lens
If you have a lot of outdoor activities, consider choosing a color or a lens that can change the color becomes darker when exposed to sunlight, the more sun the lenses will be darker. Lenses that protect your eyes from UV rays is a lens that has been coated with UV protection coat. In addition for those of you who used to work in front of a computer monitor, then you are encouraged to use a lens that has been equipped with anti-radiation computer.

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Happy to share tips with you.

Tips for traveling by train with animals

Until recently, introducing a pet into public transport was unthinkable, but thanks to certain regulatory changes, some means of transport such as ship, train or bus allow the entry of pets. RENFE rail transport leader, began the service in 1998 and has since received a great reception from users. talked to the staff of this company for more information on conditions, prices and other details.

"The main condition to the granting of the purchase of a ticket for animals is the weight. What we demand is that, whether the animal in question, should weigh more than 6 kg . "said one member of this service. But once you have completed this and have purchased the ticket for the owner's responsibility is essential to not cause problems along the way.

Twelve years ago

theirDecember 1998 is the date on which RENFE decided to admit animals in their transportation, by announcing in advance a number of conditions strictly mandatory. This new service which protects hundreds of Spanish families grew out of the Royal Decree approved on June 27, 1997 by the Prime Minister's Office, which sets the rules for the protection of animals during transport. The law would apply to "domestic pets or animals for bovine, goats, sheep, swine, poultry and poultry. It also supports to rabbits, birds, dogs, cats, other animals and cold-blooded vertebrates."

This document concerning rail transport, air, land and sea is addressed only to two situations: when given intra-Community trade and imports, provided that the duration of the trip does not exceed eight hours . Excluded from this decree to those injured or sick animals, when in transit can aggravate the situation by not being able to see a specialist, who will be destined for scientific experiments.

Dogs, cats and birds

Although Royal Decree allows the transport of a variety of animals, this company is limited only to permit the access to its trains to those considered domestic animals falling within the category of cats, dogs and birds, provided if they are not poultry. "Keep in mind that each passenger may carry only one animal of company that meets these conditions, as well as those specifications have to go in a cage with dimensions not exceeding 60 x 35 x 35 inches and have a device to remove the animal waste generated, "explains a member of RENFE.

pajaro green parrot cat
Besides being in good health, it requires the guidance of health or veterinary primer is in order and the corresponding vaccines: "We can not allow a woman enters our facility with a dog that has not been vaccinated against the anger because it would endanger the other passengers, "notes from RENFE. At the moment there is a complaint regarding the animal's behavior, is the owner responsible for the nuisance or damage.

Owner Responsibility

The acceptance of the conditions is a great responsibility for the pet owner, you have to take charge not only of the damage and inconvenience caused, but also compliance with the relevant health requirements. When a dog, cat or bird to cause discomfort, invite the traveler to travel to those places to avoid rejections or inappropriate comments. If within the premises there is an area of greater peace, be recommended to the passenger to leave the path , if it has already begun, or to withdraw for the journey, if you have not yet mounted on the train.

their yorkshire cat
"When such situations occur at all pleasant in which the owner has to leave the means of transport, given the option to take another train or receive a full refund of the amount of their notes , have no right to other types of compensation or pursue any complaints or allegations, "he said from the railway company. These conditions are welcome to all the major rail lines nationwide.

Reasonable prices

When you decide to travel with a pet, it should be noted that the fare increase because "the amount is 50% of the ticket for the train General Rate and the corresponding class in which the products are travel without benefit option to another type of fees or offers, "confirms the company.

cats sleeping cat dog
From RENFE offices explain that if the passenger wants to travel in sleeper or bunk , the supplement for this incentive will not be reflected on the ticket of the animal. So, shall pay 50% of the cost of a ticket business class access when suing a car bed or apply 50% of price for economy class while traveling in the remaining berths.

An exception to weight

RENFE has signed an agreement with the ONCE that allows entry of a guide dog accompanying the card holder a member of this organization, you can access any kind. "Guide dogs for the blind can travel on all trains on main lines, day and night, for free , "said an employee of the company.

dog Siamese Dogs
The dog must clearly display an official badge that proves you that the owner is responsible for correct behavior and the damage that may result. To meet these requirements, the guide dog must not take place and be installed in a location close to the owner and the access doors to the train where, in addition, do not bother the other passengers.

Travelling abroad with pets

If you decide to buy a pet, you have to think about it well: Your decision must be mature fruit of reasoning, because the animal is your responsibility while alive.
It is possible that during your work life or family changes arise that force you to move your place of residence to another country . You need to know the protocol requires that your pet can travel on plane and cross our borders . Must be in possession of all documentation required by the laws of the country to which travel and the airline you fly with.

Intercontinental travel

Move to other places with animals is a complicated issue that requires a lot of administrative procedure. When fear to contract diseases exist or have been eradicated, it adds the risk that your dog or cat is the one that spread to other dogs of the place you travel. Generally, in any intercontinental travel, before purchasing your ticket and your pet, the first thing you do is go to the consulate of the country you are traveling.
In addition, each airline will impose a series of requirements for transport. Customer airline Varig, informs us that, apart from the administrative procedures required by the consulate, the company requires the " European passport of the animal, veterinary certificate and microchip the animal bearing. "
From October 1, 2004 all animals traveling with their owners by the European Union should have their own passport. The European passport rule is absolutely necessary, required or not the airline or the country to which you head. If you have this document to the return journey, your pet may not enter in any of the European Union countries, as it is mandatory to enter.

Consulate, the first step

dog in the bed It is important to inform yourself about what the health requirements necessary for your dog or cat to enter the chosen country. You have to follow the instructions correctly they give you, because if the day of travel formalities are missing , your pet can not go with you. In cases in which finally allowed him to travel, it shall be subject to quarantine, depending on the receptor, can reach six months.

For example, the Argentine Consulate has the following requirements for admission to the Republic:

* Veterinary Certificate: This document carries the full details of the owner, in addition to pet information : race, birth date, weight, sex, size, coat, and distinguishing marks.
* Certificate of vaccination against rabies: animals under three months , or from a country where rabies vaccination is prohibited, must include this vaccine in the certificate issued by the health authority official.
* Animal Health Certificate: This document is issued by the health authority of the country of origin to certify that the animal does not show signs of contagious diseases , or parasitic zoonotic characteristic of the species.

Beware of deadlines
These requirements have to be ten days before travel to certifying the health of the animal . The Madrid Association of Companion Animal Veterinary (AMVAC) explains that "later this recognition, the veterinarian must send the certificate to the College of Veterinarians for legalizing it there." Once the regulatory record is, you have to show up at the consulate to pay the amount of 30 euros. Two days to collect the full certificate Argentina submitted to the office to pick up your pet at the airport without any problems.

dogs eating cat
"You have to be very strict in this ten day period because if you make the processing of 11 or 15 days, your animal will undergo upon arrival at a quarantine period. However, if you meet all the requirements mentioned above, no no problem , unless it is suspected that carries some disease, "we are assured from the Argentine Consulate in Madrid. If your pet has to stay in quarantine, will be the National Health Service and Food Quality (SENASA) who will put the means to ensure your privacy and sanitary measures.

Rates through the roof

Obviously, your animal companion will also pay a ticket . The rates provided will vary depending on each airline and each country, but are generally very high prices . Varig us that, from Spain to Buenos Aires, are paid 31 euros per kilogram of body weight, so if your pet reaches 20 kilos, the cost will amount to 620 euros. To this figure must be added that the return fare is 25 euros per kilo. Thus, the total cost of the ticket of your dog will be of 1,120 euros.

dog on a leash guide dog
Blind people are accompanied by a guide dog will work fine for your animal to travel in the cabin with them. Crew who will be assigned a seat in the back and they go as far as possible the animal does not disturb the other passengers too. Despite the nobility that release these dogs have to be fitted with collar, leash and muzzle. Regarding the price point that is the only guide dog free of charge at all.

Cheap domestic and intra-

If you're traveling within the country, everything will be easier. The airline Spanair says that when making the reservation you have to make a request for a pet, indicating what animal it is and mentioning the basic features. "This request is processed control of space and answer you within 24 hours if the animal is accepted, either in the cabin or in the hold, to travel. " This application is not always affirmed. ? There are flights that travel several animals and there is room for more? Spanair communicate from reserves.

black dog white puppy
Concerning the entry of an animal in an intra-country , we recommend you call the consulate to inform all the requirements you demand. Depending on the country, the taxation will be higher or lower. In the case of Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, the animals have to spend several months before clinical trials leave.

In this sense, the United Kingdom has one of the toughest and most stringent regulations in the world in terms of quarantine for fear of rabies and other diseases. During this period, your pet will have to be subjected to tests to know their level of antibodies. Remember that thanks to the innovative animal passport can avoid these long phases of quarantine.

Winery the cabin?
 Laura Tirado, the press office of Iberia, brings us information about the conditions imposed by this company to do the transport of animals. If your pet travels in the hold , shall be in a suitable container . You must have certain characteristics of strength and safety . It is mandatory that the cage has to ensure that closure will not open at any time during the trip. The animal must have space to go back and a good ventilation . In addition, the bottom of enclosure must be impermeable . It is important that the cage is not certified to be rejected.

dog in the field Pet trasportines
For your little friend can travel with you in the cabin passengers, Iberia requires your weight including the carrier, does not exceed eight kilos . Regarding the size of the cabin where will the animal, the length, width and depth not can exceed of 105 cm. The company will offer you a trasportín or if you prefer you can take it. You must meet the requirements of consistency, ventilated, waterproof bottom and safety which are required or will be refused boarding.

At no time will admit that your pet go to your cabin if off odor or has some annoying features for passengers or crew. You should also know that travel with you, and may not disturb the passenger next to me. If the animal is in the cabin you are responsible for complying with all requirements.

dog playing with its owner dog

Prepare your pet for travel

Making air travel with your pet is expensive for your pocket and stressful for the animal. The engine noise, anxiety about the loneliness of the journey, the confusion that will suffer, and so on. All these factors obliged to provide a sleeping pill to travel as quiet as possible.

dog with a ballTalk to the vet and tell him your plans, he will prescribe a muscle relaxant for your pet and advise you on the proper dosage. Typically it is given a half hour to one hour before departure. Thus, when the plane took off, your little friend will be in the cage and practically asleep.

If it is not strictly require the animal to travel with you, try not to undergo this harrowing experience . If the period of absence is not too long used to the kennel, places to stay while your pet is unable to care, either by going on holiday or other special reasons. In these hotels, your faithful friend will be very neat and well cared for.

Food and rest and play space

It is important to feed your dog with food quality if we want a healthy dog for many years and save a lot of problems, not worth supermarket offerings in which the bags cost 15 euros to 25 kilos, it is clear that cheap is filled with cheap ingredients and waste. A bag of good quality feed around 50 euros, the food expenditure would be between 20-70 per month , depending on size and energy level of your dog.

dog    dog
The toys are needed for mental and physical stimulation of our animal. This will cost us for 25 to 150 per year. 

The dog needs his refuge , a haven of peace, and this should be cozy and quiet, here we will invest between 50 to 200 euros per year. If we buy that are easy to clean and durable will not have to renew them so assiduously, although it is advisable to renew several times a year especially if your pet has fleas and other parasites. Your dog should have at least one leash and collar : between 20 to 50 euros per year.

Relationship with children

One of the main concerns about the relationship with the pet, especially for parents, is the relationship to the smallest .

First, it should be noted that dogs are great friends of children , although there are more appropriate than other races to live with them, like Boxer or German Shepherd , regarded as authentic 'nannies'. Some experts say that it is not convenient to acquire large dogs , as if acting aggressively, the damage it can cause the child to be higher than in the case of small breeds.

rubber duck dog girl with dog

Another particularly important aspect to consider is the reaction that causes the dog the arrival of a new family member . When this is still a baby, contact with the animal should be minimal so exercise caution when the child begins to gain mobility at home, at which to establish physical contact between them and the bond. It is always advisable to contact these first shots are supervised by an adult, in order to avoid problems.

The first meeting between the two not only be a new experience for the child, but also for the animal, which will be required to observe the movements of the first and understand that these are not attacks. In most cases, children may grow in harmony with a dog at home, but there are animals unable to adjust to the new environment . In this case aggressive situations can be generated by the dog, which can pose a danger to the child . Therefore, it should be aware of the performance of the animal in the first shots of contact.

Five basic hygiene guidelines

dog in the fieldWhen a pet, we must be aware of the multiple care needs and we will have to devote time. One basic aspect is to keep your pet clean and neat , first, to prevent disease and, secondly, to promote coexistence.
The health of your pet is essential, especially if you live in a small apartment. Here we list the five essential that any animal care needs.

Bath time

The bathroom is essential to eliminate odors and dirt. It is true that, for example, cats bathe themselves and have a reputation for being very clean animals. Also, if our pet is clean we bathe, especially in the case of dogs that go out. It is best to do it once a month , since they are small, so they get used to this routine.
Now that the heat is on, it's best bathing with warm water , using soap and shampoo provided specifically for them and then drying them with towels and hair dryer.
dog in the bathtub kitten on the couch

Hair Care

Along with bathing, care is one of the most important and most time-consuming, especially in long haired animals. The first thing to know is that the mantle has three stages : growth, death and fall, in addition to a primary and a hair shorter, which is known as submanto .
The key is used to the brushing from small, since the benefits are countless: allows you to monitor the eventual appearance of external parasites, removes dead hair, etc. . Another important factor is choosing the most suitable brush, combs experts recommend separate spiked long hair and teeth together for the short robe. In both cases, if the comb against the hair growth.

Pay attention to the nails

In the case of dogs do not need to because the nails cortárseles rubbing them with the soil naturally wears. But in terms of other pets like cats is recommended to buy a special nail clippers for them and be careful to perform the operation.
We must also go regularly to the salon to cut hair are the legs and prevent excess dirt in the area.
Alsatian cat in the sink

A perfect mouth

Bad breath is usually quite common in our pets, while it's really annoying to us. Some of the causes of dental diseases are caused by bacteria, excessive salivation , digestive disorders, kidney or respiratory disease. Of course, given these conditions we must go to the vet.
Usually bad breath is due to poor oral hygiene , which we will notice the yellowing of teeth or tartar buildup. Today, the market offers pasta special toothpaste or products such as bones clean their teeth and gums. Also the high-end feed help keep the mouth of our healthy animal.

His home site

Unfortunately, almost none live in large country houses where our animals enjoy plenty of room. Most of us have small apartments where your pet needs to have defined its space from the start. The basic thing is to provide a well-ventilated and sunny . It will put the bed, which should always be clean and dry.
cats in the bed dog in the garden
It is important that we clean every day the feeder and the drinker. If by accident the dog urinates in the house, it's best to scrub the floors with vinegar and water.
If we follow these five basic hygiene standards, we will not only our pets are more beautiful, but avoid the occurrence of diseases. These recommendations must always be accompanied also by the track veterinarian.

veterinary care and barber

Contrary to what most people think, your dog if you need a canine hairdresser . Is necessary. The barbers canines are the first professionals to detect diseases in dogs.

Whether your dog is long hair or short hair salon needs, this one will fix the nails, ears cleaned it, glands, purifies them, .... This will cost between 100 to 500 Euros per year.

dog    dog
The veterinary care is an important part of keeping your dog healthy. We check our animal once or twice a year and the budget will be EUR 200-400 . These will be increased depending on the races, there are many races that are problematic in terms of health and develop the same disease characteristics.

To this we must add the drugs and other accessories necessary to prevent or fight diseases or parasites. Some dogs also need vitamins and supplements . In general, it is likely to be spent 100 to 300 euros per year on these items. We save a lot of money if we devote the necessary time to basic education for our puppy, the first months are very important, let the dog interact with others. If we can not take our dog on vacation or any other place, we must add an additional expense, about twice a year, so we add between 200 and 500 euros per year, if you travel frequently this should be multiplied by two. 
Nobody can predict the future, the unexpected happens, diseases, accidents and other unplanned expenses can break the family budget, the best way to prepare is to leave an extra money as savings.

dog    dog

With all this we conclude, that having a dog is not free and requires considerable monthly expense, which is why we ask the following questions: Can we afford to have a dog? We can afford a monthly minimum of € 150 ? With proper planning, you can give your dog a long and happy life.

The most appropriate toy for your dog

Dog playingThe play instinct in dogs is a sign of interaction with the environment and a feature that denotes its level of intelligence far above that of many other animals. The person must activate and develop the intelligence to the health of your pet and a great satisfaction for the bond with your dog. Because of its importance, the choice of toy to acquire a pet is not a trivial matter .

Keep in mind that the game is the first link of interaction between dog and person. According to Javier Peral, Trixie Director General of Spain, "a pet owner must use the game as an activity essential to maintain active and developing understanding of the animal . " As for children, not all toys are suitable for all ages and characteristics of dogs. Javier Peral tells about "the person in charge of the animal should stop and think what the toy appropriate for your pet. "

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Vitamins and Minerals

We know that vitamins, such organic compounds needed by the body to biochemical processes are essential for both human and animal life. In this article we will discuss the concepts and myths needs or wants that our dogs may have, but as always we will start by a smattering of what we are and what they are worth. First, that there are two classifications. The soluble (A, D, E and K) and water soluble (B and C). The first is stored in fat cells of the body, while the latter are not retained in the body except in small amounts. Hence, although excessive intake necessary storage can result in body fat that can be toxic, especially A and D. Vitamin A (retinol). Important to behold. Its deficiency can cause growth retardation, hair and skin problems and reproductive rights. In puppies can cause hydrocephalus and cleft palate. Vitamin D (calciferol). Important for bones because it intervenes in the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Apart from ingest through diet is obtained by conversion of a molecule called ergosterol, with the help of sunlight. Vitamin E (tocopherol) . Plays an important role in forming cell membranes, cell respiration and metabolism of fats. It is also well known for his role as an antioxidant and typically include many feeds it as a natural antioxidant. Vitamin K. The body synthesizes it. It affects blood clotting. Helpful to know precisely rodenticides affect the clotting factors so treatment in case of accidental ingestion by the dog will be supplying a dose of vitamin K1 shock. Vitamin C. Very used as a dietary supplement canine . By intervening directly in the mineralization of bone is used to prevent hip dysplasia. However there is no scientific results to support this theory. Even if you've seen that can be effective in pain that this disease will generate. It is also used to prevent urinary stone formation and which acidifies the urine. Vitamin B1 (thiamine). Loss of appetite, weakness, loss of reflexes and nervous control and eventually death. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Essential for the proper development of hair, muscle and growth. Vitamin B3 (niacin). Help the proper functioning of enzymes. Its deficiency causes "black tongue" in dogs and cats, and is characterized by weight loss, gums, lips and inner cheeks swollen and red. In severe cases, bloody diarrhea and death. Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). helps produce energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Its lack causes hair loss, diarrhea and gastric disorders. It has also been associated with abnormal graying dogs, much more noticeable in dogs black. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). It helps the body use amino acids, so it is absolutely essential. Its absence can cause cavities in teeth or skin lesions. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) and B12 (cyano cobalamin). They work in harmony to produce new red blood cells and proteins. Folic acid helps prevent birth defects in fetuses, such as spina bifida or cleft palate. Hence, many breeders opt for a future supplement with folic acid pregnant females from the heat and during pregnancy. Minerals. inorganic elements are involved in many body functions such as the formation of bone and cartilage, keeping the acid / base, muscle and nerve function and hormone production. They are grouped into two categories: macrominerals. are needed in greater amounts (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride). Microminerals (trace elements), required in trace amounts (copper, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc). Should be contributed to the diet in proper proportions to meet needs and because some have toxic excesses. The calcium and phosphorus should maintain a relationship of 1:1 (the same amount of calcium and phosphorus) or 2:1 (double calcium ) so that no problems depending on the animal's life stage. As a special case in Alaskan Malamutes , Huskies and crosses read both observed a greater need for zinc in the diet or those at risk of developing a zinc deficiency dermatosis, manifested in a loss of hair and scaly skin especially on face, head and legs. The puppies may have also anorexia, lethargy and susceptibility to infection less important. This is apparently due to a poor absorption of zinc, which worsens during times of stress (sled dogs in season of work) or a diet based on plant ingredients or high calcium content. In this world of vitamins related to a number of myths that are not correct but we accept that as valid. For example, fiber can lose weight safely. Or that regulate the rate of food in the gut, if we consume more than they should or we overdo it, we will evacuate so quickly that we will not give your body time to assimilate the necessary nutrients that give us food, which will eventually shortcomings. All this is false . Another one would be that the calcium pills help grow and to strengthen the bone. It is also false. Puppies do not have any mechanism to keep out excess calcium, an extra supply will cause an imbalance may even degrade the skeletal system. Turn hampers the absorption of magnesium and zinc, which will become deficient in the body, but through our daily intake of foods that we give the dog is correct. We must be clear that if our friend receives a diet feed of good quality do not have to give an extra intake of any nutrient will not need it. The more vitamins better. False. An excess may cause more problems than benefits. There are some like the B complex or vitamin C is excreted in the urine. But not so with the groups that dissolve in fat (A, D, E, K), the excess will accumulate in the fatty deposits that the body has reserve and can reach toxic levels for the body. We must not get carried away by what they say and try to remedy the problems of our fellow appropriate consultations with our vet. In the winter there to supplement the diet. False. It is true that dogs in cold weather require more energy, because with the cold the body requires more "fuel" to keep its internal temperature without risk and cope with adverse weather. However, this extra contribution should not provide in the form of capsules, pills or tablets without food. Ideally, give an extra helping of plans to increase roughly in the proportion of ¼ of the dose that you give daily. Or change the feed to one that will bring more nutrients. Will notice improvement in the vitality, hair, muscle ... But beware, this applies to dogs living abroad, who have a life more bearable in heated homes will not need this extra contribution or may not be that any other illness can cause or recommended by a veterinarian. During lactation, the mother needs extra vitamins and minerals. True. During pregnancy, nutrient inputs to the formation and development of the fetus is the greatest so a greater quality food intake is highly recommended. The same applies to nursing. Otherwise we can rest assured that if a healthy dog will not need anything else, just the daily care they dispense. Montse Arias Writing

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Dogs and Cats

Although different, so that dogs and cats are bad today is more myth than reality. But we must not forget that nature is predatory and their hunting instinct, everything inside pulls them to chase other animals. It is not the first time we see coincided like a cat chasing a mouse, bird, fly ... and that the dogs do the same with cats. Its genetic blueprint tells them is a potential prey that they must pursue to survive, being a clear source of food. In carnivores, especially cats that are almost exclusively, this survival is based on predation. So it is as natural as a habitual behavior. It will be harder to remove that instinct to cats than dogs but we can control through games, bearing in mind that we encourage them all to wake up that instinct. There are countries like Switzerland or Australia where there is a "curfew" for the cats hunting at regular times in which they are forbidden by law to their owners allow them outside the exits. But the issue! These two species can be viewed with suspicion because they are different, but each arises a natural interest. The misunderstanding each other can be the engine of their relationship, but they are pets has helped to change and soften these patterns. In turn, the proximity of man, caused a lower density of predators that may have increased the chances of success in reproduction and survival of individuals. This is the most likely cause for the explanation of why domestic predators properly socialized with humans or other pets are fleeing not only them but also can search company. If accustomed from puppies to each other's presence, ie the properly socialize and educate them to live together, the mutual adjustment easier. Assume that there is no need to hunt to survive and that their relationship with other species may be different. Since puppies learn from their parents and peers and of course the surrounding environment which will condition their behavior as adults. The influence of age on adaptation is important because if for example we have an older dog at home and enters a new tenant, a kitten as this will take longer to habituate. The youngest is best adapted to the changes. The puppies are more playful than hunters do not take to establish their own hierarchies, their own interactions, their own roles. Although it is important to always have their specific places to eat and sleep so they can take refuge in times of oppression. The presentation is a very important time in the future relationship is better than our dog at this time is relaxed after a good walk when you are relaxed or calm. If when we show you new pet shows signs of calm have to congratulate him, proud to show you their peaceful reaction. The older the dog more patience should be taken, but the formula is the same. Some interesting steps or references that would be wise to bear in mind would be: Never let your dog or puppy gets  close to the cat. Your dog will want to sniff and the cat that will not help you strike up a friendship, rather will bother you and most likely have wanted to get the hell out, something that will make your dog chase you trying to play with him. Viewing the picture it is best when the cat and the dog are in the same room, the dog is lying down and quiet , controlling the cat slowly gains confidence around him without being overwhelmed. Allow your cat to approach the dog, but will not be supervísalo the lien, and put in "persecution." If your cat wants to hide, let it . Do not force the situation. Allow the cat to investigate the dog according to their own desires. It may take between eight and ten weeks until the cat is adjusting to sharing his home with his new friend. Let your dog and cat separated when you're at home, until you have the certainty that now the thing and is quiet and there are going to be running one after another. Premia any conduct which may arise between the two. Every time the dog let the cat approach or walk around without chasing him, warmly welcomes your dog . Remember that with a willingness both come to an understanding, sooner or later

Dogs need to entertain

The game is very important for your puppy so you have to teach you to enjoy periods of solitude at home. All dogs need some form of occupational therapy. Enjoy chewing a toy is the easy and enjoyable.

Dog Dog
The dogs are crepuscular, most active at dawn and dusk, so it is easier to teach them to remain quiet during the day. Prepare your dog to your absence while you're there. When you're at home is easier to control the behavior of your pet.

Teach a fixed daily routine. Remember that when your dog has gained self-confidence, independence and be fully educated, enjoy full freedom around the house the rest of his life.

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