The importance of distractions

If your dog barks when left alone, may be due to a problem of boredom or separation anxiety problem. In both cases the most appropriate therapy is to call your attention to be distracted and leaving him with this we can get many toys that are fun.
The toys selected should fulfill certain functions, which are not toxic, and ntretengan the dog and not lose their interest quickly. We also need to change these toys so the dog does not get bored, we must also be given as a prize when we leave, and thus will be more entertaining and not adopt destructive behavior.

Five guidelines to educate

1. Never pet or soothe your dog if he barks out of fear . This will reinforce his behavior, since any positive reaction he gets reinforce their behavior and make it harder to control the barking. Similarly, if your dog barks asking a toy, a cookie, get a walk, etc.. Do not give in to their demands and not reward him until he is silent.

2. Teach your dog the word 'Silence' or 'No' so you know what to do. To teach 'Silence' or 'No' to your dog you need to produce a negative stimulus that can be obtained with a sprayer full of water with lemon juice. When your dog barks and should not do it, sprinkle your mouth and say 'Silence' with a strong voice.

Dog Dog
3. Pat and reward your dog is quiet when the ambient. Dogs want to please and learn that when they are quietly pleased. When the dog is exposed to a stimulus which at any other time would have barked, but decided against it as you taught him, reward him with caresses , cookies and paying more attention.

4. Never hit, mistreat or keep your dog's mouth closed. This will only teach your dog to be afraid and can cause more problems as he barks out of fear or even to attack. The proper way to reduce the barking is to identify the cause and teach the dog that is not acceptable behavior.
5. Remember it is your responsibility as an owner teach acceptable behavior and suppressing undesirable behavior.

Dog Vaccination

When you have dogs as pets should know that they must complete a vaccination plan , in order to avoid certain diseases activities that may pose a risk to both him and his owners. Vaccination is based on the age of the animal, so if this is less than six months should be vaccinated every fifteen or twenty days sextuple dog. Thus, the total number of doses should be three. This is a polyvalent vaccine that protects against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, adenovirosis parainfluencia and type 2.

dog dog

After a period of between fifteen and twenty days after the third dose, it is possible to administer rabies vaccine , being necessary to reinforce the six months. On the other hand, if the animal has a genetic component Rottweiler , German Shepherd , Doberman , or Golden , you must administer at least two braces of parvovirus, as they are very susceptible to this disease .

Finally, when the animal is six months old just one or two boosters and rabies. However, whenever a dog is purchased, it should take you to the vet , so as to determine the status of animal health and vaccines should be administered. Thus, the expert establish the vaccination schedule and worming the dog. These visits to the vet should be regular , not only when the animal is puppy as an adult that may arise should detect many diseases early.

The behavior of stray dog

It's like a wolf

muttWhen referring to the stray dog is important to note that it is not the same thing about a dog who lives permanently in the street, wandering to get food and shelter , which a dog is released daily by their owners to be on the street of the day and then return home. The former stray dog could call itself while the second part might call street dog.

In the latter category also enter that dog, living permanently in the street, is grounded in one place and is fed by locals . The living conditions of the mutt itself mean that there are some important differences with respect to the family dog.

mutt mutt

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