Teach your dog to enjoy his lair

A cage for a dog is not very different from a playground or a small room. The first thing to do is teach the dog to get the most out of his cage and want to spend time on it.
Put a portion of their daily food within a chew toy, type Kong, tie it to the cage door and opens the door for the dog in and out at will. Reward your dog when you are with the toy and watch them if you leave the cage. When the dog takes in a while nibbling on the toy can try to close the door.

Dog Dog
The next day, put your second helping of food in the toy. Gets inside the toy and the cage door closes leaving the dog outside. As you see your dog trying to open the cage to catch their food, let him come in and shut the door when it happens. Soon learn to be in his 'lair' is a good thing.


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