Tips for traveling by train with animals

Until recently, introducing a pet into public transport was unthinkable, but thanks to certain regulatory changes, some means of transport such as ship, train or bus allow the entry of pets. RENFE rail transport leader, began the service in 1998 and has since received a great reception from users. talked to the staff of this company for more information on conditions, prices and other details.

"The main condition to the granting of the purchase of a ticket for animals is the weight. What we demand is that, whether the animal in question, should weigh more than 6 kg . "said one member of this service. But once you have completed this and have purchased the ticket for the owner's responsibility is essential to not cause problems along the way.

Twelve years ago

theirDecember 1998 is the date on which RENFE decided to admit animals in their transportation, by announcing in advance a number of conditions strictly mandatory. This new service which protects hundreds of Spanish families grew out of the Royal Decree approved on June 27, 1997 by the Prime Minister's Office, which sets the rules for the protection of animals during transport. The law would apply to "domestic pets or animals for bovine, goats, sheep, swine, poultry and poultry. It also supports to rabbits, birds, dogs, cats, other animals and cold-blooded vertebrates."

This document concerning rail transport, air, land and sea is addressed only to two situations: when given intra-Community trade and imports, provided that the duration of the trip does not exceed eight hours . Excluded from this decree to those injured or sick animals, when in transit can aggravate the situation by not being able to see a specialist, who will be destined for scientific experiments.

Dogs, cats and birds

Although Royal Decree allows the transport of a variety of animals, this company is limited only to permit the access to its trains to those considered domestic animals falling within the category of cats, dogs and birds, provided if they are not poultry. "Keep in mind that each passenger may carry only one animal of company that meets these conditions, as well as those specifications have to go in a cage with dimensions not exceeding 60 x 35 x 35 inches and have a device to remove the animal waste generated, "explains a member of RENFE.

pajaro green parrot cat
Besides being in good health, it requires the guidance of health or veterinary primer is in order and the corresponding vaccines: "We can not allow a woman enters our facility with a dog that has not been vaccinated against the anger because it would endanger the other passengers, "notes from RENFE. At the moment there is a complaint regarding the animal's behavior, is the owner responsible for the nuisance or damage.

Owner Responsibility

The acceptance of the conditions is a great responsibility for the pet owner, you have to take charge not only of the damage and inconvenience caused, but also compliance with the relevant health requirements. When a dog, cat or bird to cause discomfort, invite the traveler to travel to those places to avoid rejections or inappropriate comments. If within the premises there is an area of greater peace, be recommended to the passenger to leave the path , if it has already begun, or to withdraw for the journey, if you have not yet mounted on the train.

their yorkshire cat
"When such situations occur at all pleasant in which the owner has to leave the means of transport, given the option to take another train or receive a full refund of the amount of their notes , have no right to other types of compensation or pursue any complaints or allegations, "he said from the railway company. These conditions are welcome to all the major rail lines nationwide.

Reasonable prices

When you decide to travel with a pet, it should be noted that the fare increase because "the amount is 50% of the ticket for the train General Rate and the corresponding class in which the products are travel without benefit option to another type of fees or offers, "confirms the company.

cats sleeping cat dog
From RENFE offices explain that if the passenger wants to travel in sleeper or bunk , the supplement for this incentive will not be reflected on the ticket of the animal. So, shall pay 50% of the cost of a ticket business class access when suing a car bed or apply 50% of price for economy class while traveling in the remaining berths.

An exception to weight

RENFE has signed an agreement with the ONCE that allows entry of a guide dog accompanying the card holder a member of this organization, you can access any kind. "Guide dogs for the blind can travel on all trains on main lines, day and night, for free , "said an employee of the company.

dog Siamese Dogs
The dog must clearly display an official badge that proves you that the owner is responsible for correct behavior and the damage that may result. To meet these requirements, the guide dog must not take place and be installed in a location close to the owner and the access doors to the train where, in addition, do not bother the other passengers.


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