Travelling abroad with pets

If you decide to buy a pet, you have to think about it well: Your decision must be mature fruit of reasoning, because the animal is your responsibility while alive.
It is possible that during your work life or family changes arise that force you to move your place of residence to another country . You need to know the protocol requires that your pet can travel on plane and cross our borders . Must be in possession of all documentation required by the laws of the country to which travel and the airline you fly with.

Intercontinental travel

Move to other places with animals is a complicated issue that requires a lot of administrative procedure. When fear to contract diseases exist or have been eradicated, it adds the risk that your dog or cat is the one that spread to other dogs of the place you travel. Generally, in any intercontinental travel, before purchasing your ticket and your pet, the first thing you do is go to the consulate of the country you are traveling.
In addition, each airline will impose a series of requirements for transport. Customer airline Varig, informs us that, apart from the administrative procedures required by the consulate, the company requires the " European passport of the animal, veterinary certificate and microchip the animal bearing. "
From October 1, 2004 all animals traveling with their owners by the European Union should have their own passport. The European passport rule is absolutely necessary, required or not the airline or the country to which you head. If you have this document to the return journey, your pet may not enter in any of the European Union countries, as it is mandatory to enter.

Consulate, the first step

dog in the bed It is important to inform yourself about what the health requirements necessary for your dog or cat to enter the chosen country. You have to follow the instructions correctly they give you, because if the day of travel formalities are missing , your pet can not go with you. In cases in which finally allowed him to travel, it shall be subject to quarantine, depending on the receptor, can reach six months.

For example, the Argentine Consulate has the following requirements for admission to the Republic:

* Veterinary Certificate: This document carries the full details of the owner, in addition to pet information : race, birth date, weight, sex, size, coat, and distinguishing marks.
* Certificate of vaccination against rabies: animals under three months , or from a country where rabies vaccination is prohibited, must include this vaccine in the certificate issued by the health authority official.
* Animal Health Certificate: This document is issued by the health authority of the country of origin to certify that the animal does not show signs of contagious diseases , or parasitic zoonotic characteristic of the species.

Beware of deadlines
These requirements have to be ten days before travel to certifying the health of the animal . The Madrid Association of Companion Animal Veterinary (AMVAC) explains that "later this recognition, the veterinarian must send the certificate to the College of Veterinarians for legalizing it there." Once the regulatory record is, you have to show up at the consulate to pay the amount of 30 euros. Two days to collect the full certificate Argentina submitted to the office to pick up your pet at the airport without any problems.

dogs eating cat
"You have to be very strict in this ten day period because if you make the processing of 11 or 15 days, your animal will undergo upon arrival at a quarantine period. However, if you meet all the requirements mentioned above, no no problem , unless it is suspected that carries some disease, "we are assured from the Argentine Consulate in Madrid. If your pet has to stay in quarantine, will be the National Health Service and Food Quality (SENASA) who will put the means to ensure your privacy and sanitary measures.

Rates through the roof

Obviously, your animal companion will also pay a ticket . The rates provided will vary depending on each airline and each country, but are generally very high prices . Varig us that, from Spain to Buenos Aires, are paid 31 euros per kilogram of body weight, so if your pet reaches 20 kilos, the cost will amount to 620 euros. To this figure must be added that the return fare is 25 euros per kilo. Thus, the total cost of the ticket of your dog will be of 1,120 euros.

dog on a leash guide dog
Blind people are accompanied by a guide dog will work fine for your animal to travel in the cabin with them. Crew who will be assigned a seat in the back and they go as far as possible the animal does not disturb the other passengers too. Despite the nobility that release these dogs have to be fitted with collar, leash and muzzle. Regarding the price point that is the only guide dog free of charge at all.

Cheap domestic and intra-

If you're traveling within the country, everything will be easier. The airline Spanair says that when making the reservation you have to make a request for a pet, indicating what animal it is and mentioning the basic features. "This request is processed control of space and answer you within 24 hours if the animal is accepted, either in the cabin or in the hold, to travel. " This application is not always affirmed. ? There are flights that travel several animals and there is room for more? Spanair communicate from reserves.

black dog white puppy
Concerning the entry of an animal in an intra-country , we recommend you call the consulate to inform all the requirements you demand. Depending on the country, the taxation will be higher or lower. In the case of Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, the animals have to spend several months before clinical trials leave.

In this sense, the United Kingdom has one of the toughest and most stringent regulations in the world in terms of quarantine for fear of rabies and other diseases. During this period, your pet will have to be subjected to tests to know their level of antibodies. Remember that thanks to the innovative animal passport can avoid these long phases of quarantine.

Winery the cabin?
 Laura Tirado, the press office of Iberia, brings us information about the conditions imposed by this company to do the transport of animals. If your pet travels in the hold , shall be in a suitable container . You must have certain characteristics of strength and safety . It is mandatory that the cage has to ensure that closure will not open at any time during the trip. The animal must have space to go back and a good ventilation . In addition, the bottom of enclosure must be impermeable . It is important that the cage is not certified to be rejected.

dog in the field Pet trasportines
For your little friend can travel with you in the cabin passengers, Iberia requires your weight including the carrier, does not exceed eight kilos . Regarding the size of the cabin where will the animal, the length, width and depth not can exceed of 105 cm. The company will offer you a trasportín or if you prefer you can take it. You must meet the requirements of consistency, ventilated, waterproof bottom and safety which are required or will be refused boarding.

At no time will admit that your pet go to your cabin if off odor or has some annoying features for passengers or crew. You should also know that travel with you, and may not disturb the passenger next to me. If the animal is in the cabin you are responsible for complying with all requirements.

dog playing with its owner dog

Prepare your pet for travel

Making air travel with your pet is expensive for your pocket and stressful for the animal. The engine noise, anxiety about the loneliness of the journey, the confusion that will suffer, and so on. All these factors obliged to provide a sleeping pill to travel as quiet as possible.

dog with a ballTalk to the vet and tell him your plans, he will prescribe a muscle relaxant for your pet and advise you on the proper dosage. Typically it is given a half hour to one hour before departure. Thus, when the plane took off, your little friend will be in the cage and practically asleep.

If it is not strictly require the animal to travel with you, try not to undergo this harrowing experience . If the period of absence is not too long used to the kennel, places to stay while your pet is unable to care, either by going on holiday or other special reasons. In these hotels, your faithful friend will be very neat and well cared for.


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