A good holiday dog

They again the summer holidays . In large cities exile begins looking for a place to unwind and get rest. Many of the inhabitants of the big city, in his pilgrimage to tourist sites, should take the decision on where to let that dog so much company and heat offers an unconditional basis .

It is in these moments when all owners of pet dogs pose the big question ? what to do with our dog on vacation? One possibility is to take on the road with us, but? we travel with our dog in all modes of transportation? To know in depth each of the options that we will help you decide which is best for him and for us.

Whatever determination we reach about our vacation, it is advisable to take to vet our dog to undergo a routine examination. This is important because the trip in itself leads to a stress that can aggravate any condition.

Travel by car

The car is the means of transportation more frequent and easy to travel with our friend . One of its greatest advantages is that you can stop whenever you want and so we pasearle, drink and let him relieve himself.

Dog in basket dog driver

Even before our departure is not advisable to take the dog food, it is advisable to take a walk and drink water . It is also good to get used to the space it will occupy in the vehicle before it is launched. We must be aware that the dog does not know what it is he who moves and not the things around you. If you have problems with dizziness , it is best to discuss this with the vet, we may advise some medication to relieve.

Dogs should never go loose both inside and outside of car. The size of the animal will be crucial to know what their location within the car. In the case where size is small , we can carry it on one of those useful baskets that can be purchased at any shop.
If the dog is of a size considerably , must be attached to the back seat to prevent access to the front of the car. The most recommended in these cases is to install a grid that separates the front of the rear.

Another suggestion is to not keep the windows wide open . This is because, besides the animal can jump, the air is harmful to shine directly on the face, since it can cause a conjunctivitis , an infection in the ears or perhaps a disease lung .

Travel by plane

If your dog is going to move us by plane, the first thing to do is rule out any disease has since, in this case, remove the idea of traveling in this mode of transport. Also have to give up the plane if the animal has less than 12 weeks old .

dog out the window dog on the beach

Clearly, when applying for a pet boarding, airlines ask us a number of prerequisites for admission. Some of these things are the health card and a veterinary certificate to verify the state of health of the animal issued 10 days before departure.

Our friend can join us for the trip in the event that your weight is less than 6 kilos . In this case, may not be transported in a carrier. There is also a restriction that as only two dogs may be in the cockpit.

If you have a weight greater than 6 kilograms travel in the hold of the aircraft. In this situation, must be presented at the freight terminal two hours before departure. In the event that the dog exceeds 45 kilograms in weight , the airline can not ensure that travel on the same plane as us.

A train

The truth is that the possibility of traveling by train is quite limited . If we are in a train, be permitted to come on board in case of being transported in a basket or similar . As with regional trains which are only accepted if they are in appropriate baskets. In Generelitat trains of Catalonia, dogs are allowed if they lead muzzle and leash .

 dog on the beach via train dog

The canine passengers admit a sleeping car , the passenger will depend on whether we have in the car you consent or not. If he accepts, so we'll just pay a small amount . But if they do not have private compartment, the dog will travel in the baggage car as well as high-speed trains.


The dog may travel in a special compartment for animals or in the car , in case you take with us. There are some companies that prohibit access of animals to cabins, while in the seating area only allowed the entry of birds and dogs in their kennels cages and special.


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