Dog toys: The types of material

Toys can be divided into four groups according to the material of which they are made: teddy / nylon, latex, rubber and vinyl. Each has characteristics that allow us to choose the most appropriate for the conditions of our pet.

The first material that allows the classification of toys according to their degree of resistance is plush or stuffed . Stuffed toys are perfect for puppies due to its smoothness and softness , ideal qualities not to damage their developing teeth. They are those less likely to obstruct the intestine carry, are made ​​of cotton-if the dog swallowed a piece. Obviously, this quality makes it the less resistant type of toy.

Toys latex would lead the next level in terms of material strength. This type of accessories, despite having a somewhat higher resistance than the plush, remain a very suitable option for the puppies. If the composition is 100% latex do not produce health problems of the pet if the dog swallow pieces.

Dog playing Dog playing

In another category, would fit that of rubber . Usually toys are rigid and / or heavy, ideal for adult dogs due to its durability, and the difficulty of deforming or tearing. However, this is the type of material most risk may lead to the digestive tract of dogs because it is in the range of items which are manufactured from materials more unnatural . As in the case of latex, the reference marks on the market toys manufactured with 100% natural rubber, which poses no risk to animal health, the danger lies in the recycled rubber artificial substances. The positive is that through smell is easy to identify the natural rubber which is not, as the latter smells tire.

Finally, one can consider toys vinyl as the hardest and almost always heavy, so perfect for big dogs . Although vinyl is a non-digestible material, vinyl toys well made ​​(those with an appropriate thickness, easily verifiable by the weight and texture of the toy) do not involve any danger . Dogs may only be able to tear pieces so small that would not entail any danger to the health of the animal.

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