Teach your dog to teach himself

When you're at home, your puppy gets occasionally in a cage with several toys stuffed with food and treats. All you have to do is create the situation, and your dog will educate itself automatically. This is called self cast .

Each piece of food you get out of the toy will reinforce the fact that kind of chew toy and will keep you calm and quiet. Your dog will soon become addicted to stuffed toys and just have time to think about what not to bite or bark.

Hygienic behavior

You can also use the cage to predict the times when your dog needs to eliminate. In general, if the carrier is within short time periods, an hour or less, and regular, inhibit their desire to eliminate.

This means you'll want to do as time passes and I got to take you to your evacuation zone, where he was warmly rewarded with lots of treats and petting. However, you can not leave him locked up for over an hour until it is perfectly trained for it, nor let him put while you're away from home.


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